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Tashigang School and Sanctuary

The name Lopen Kado brings hushed tones, smiles and affirmative nods—this is the real thing. One of the greatest living masters in Bhutan, Lopen Kado lives in a forest hermitage high up in the mountains outside of Thimpu.

There he looks after the education of many young children, and older more accomplished spiritual practitioners, who live in the mountain’s solitude practicing for the benefit of all beings.

What prevents the passing down of these precious wisdom teachings of loving-kindness? Only a lack of facilities and support for the hundreds of dedicated young practitioners.

These spiritual teachings are the fabric upon which all of Bhutanese culture rests. Together we can preserve the heart of what makes Bhutan truly Bhutan—including these sacred and authentic teachings passed down by a few rare individuals.

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Goal: $46,000
Still Need: $44,500
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