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Bhutan: Tashigang School and Sanctuary
Lopen Kado
Venerable Lopen Kado, at Tashigang Gompa
in Bhutan.

Preparing Bhutan's next generation...

Bhutan is the country whose King declared "Gross National Happiness" the measure of the nations wealth; where the national congress declared seventy percent of Bhutan's forest to be protected wilderness; whose rivers are not fished because unnecessary taking of sentient life is unthinkable to the Bhutanese. One wonders how a culture such as Bhutan's can still exist in our cynical world. It is due in part to teachers such as Lopen Kado who hold the flame of Bhutan's special heritage.

One of the greatest living meditation masters of the twentieth century, Lopen Kado is really the heart of what makes up Bhutan's rich culture and way of life. Tashigang school is a place where these teachings are past on for future generations.


Sweet Innocence

I figure if we can't help people like this child, well who then are we going to help? I remember giving this child a lift into town. He laughed with joy the whole way. Respectful, joyful, filled with gratitude. It makes me sad to wonder what's going to happen when "Beavis and Butthead" invade their lives? In the meantime, we're just soaking up the sweet innocence of Bhutan's youth.

The children of the Himalayas carry a special legacy...
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