Amicus Foundation: How to Help

Artists Circle of Care

The Artists Circle of Care recognizes musicians, actors, writers and other creative artists who support AMICUS foundation by making a gift of their creativity. These talented individuals help AMICUS provide needed help to children and their families throughout the world.

Some artists make outright gifts, while others donate a portion of their royalties, their time or their talent. You may choose to make a tax deductible charitable gift by:

  • Donation of royalties, or any portion of a royalty, from a song, musical composition, lyric, book, film, recording, or other artistic endeavor.

  • Donation of the proceeds from the sale of an original work of art.

  • Donation of a well known artist's musical instrument, autographed personal item, etc.

  • Willingness to perform, speak at, or simply attend a single fundraising event or benefit concert.

  • Just make an outright donation!

It has been said that AMICUS stands for "Artists and Musicians Inspiring Compassion Understanding and Service." Many of us who contribute to the AMICUS foundation are artists. We love doing what we love... being creative, while making the world just a little better. Please, come and join us.

A few of the artists who have given their talents, their funds, or both...

Jon Clarke: worked with Kenny Loggins, Barbara Streisand, Thomas Newman

Donald Fagen: founding member of Steely Dan

Matthew Kelly: worked with Kingfish, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Grateful Dead, T-Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker, Ratdog

Bobby Weir, (Further Foundation): original member, Grateful Dead, Ratdog

James Winkler: worked with Charles Mingus, Gabor Zabo, Jimmy Cheatham, Teddy Edwards, Benny Powell, Johnny Guitar Watson, Don Ellis, Alex Acuna, Bill Kreutzmann, Bette Midler
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