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Thailand Photos:  School in Esan

For the last several years Amicus has focused most of its efforts
supporting education projects in the province of Isan, the very poorest and
most neglected part of Thailand.

Bhutanese dancer: Paro festival
Dreaming of a better education and future.

Hopeful anticipation...

Thai children are pictured here filled with hopeful anticipation of their new library and community educational center. Unlike in our western nations where we never think twice about whether a school or library exists somewhere in our neighborhood, the children of Isan wake in the morning with no such guarantee. With so little to look forward to, the prospect of a new modern learning facility is very exciting for these children.


From the ground up...

Titlar Saenguthai and his older brother, along with their family, have
been closely involved with the Nong Boat School for generations. The Saenguthai brothers were in charge of the crew and volunteers who helped to build the new library and community education center. It was a great privilege to be able to participate and share in the excitement of this community coming together and building their new education facility.

Village workers share their enthusiasm as they move towards completing their new community education center

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