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* Building schools and community centers in rural villages. Amicus is attempting to disrupt the continuing erosion of village life by helping children receive the needed tools to enter the modern world, while AT THE SAME TIME preserving the community’s traditional skills, handicrafts, folk lore, history, social and spiritual values.

* Building libraries, for both public and scholarly use.

* Helping disenfranchised women by building nunneries. These spiritual institutions form the cultural and spiritual backbone of Bhutan’s heritage. Support for women is generally lacking. Amicus is working to decrease the suffering of women by increasing opportunities and providing them with support.

* Providing educational scholarships to individuals who are strongly motivated to be of service to others, but too poor to afford an education

* Conserve, maintain, and rehabilitate the historical and cultural monuments of Bhutan. These monuments form an integral part of the symbol of Bhutan’s cultural identity and its continuity. They are the focal point of cultural activities in the Bhutanese villages, and the center of learning for the heart of Bhutanese culture.


Amicus is working to preserve the profound and beautiful qualities of Bhutanese culture which may soon be swept away by the forces of our homogenizing techno-modern world.

Amicus is working hard to give hope to children by providing them with opportunities for education that will empower them,

Amicus is working hard to keep villages intact, helping them to maintain their integrity and spiritual values.

Amicus is working to help the Land of the Thunder Dragon make a smooth transition into the modern world, entering the global community while retaining its spiritual and cultural integrity.

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